There is an overwhelming need for strong and committed advocates for patients with life-threatening diseases and conditions, and Tory and Roman have done a service to all of us by telling the moving story of their work together. It is inspiring, and it will make a difference.

Susan L. Solomon
CEO and Co-Founder
The New York Stem Cell Foundation

About Inevitable Collision

On September 25, 2010, Tory Williams received the devastating news that a family friend, 21-year-old TJ Atchison, had been in a terrible automobile accident and, despite thorough care, was paralyzed from the chest down. Based on many factors surrounding TJ's condition, doctors determined he was the perfect candidate for a new clinical trial using a drug containing embryonic stem cells that was designed to regenerate damaged spinal cord tissue. This was the first trial of its kind to involve a human candidate, and would end up being the start of Tory's courageous journey to document this clinical trial and raise awareness and funding for embryonic stem cells research across the nation, especially to those within "conservative" America.

Inevitable Collision documents the true story of TJ Atchison's experience as the first participant in Geron's clinical trial, along with the dynamic team who helped galvanize the cause: Dr. Hans Keirstead, the brilliant young scientist who successfully helped treat rats to overcome paralysis through embryonic stem cell treatments and introduced the therapy to humans; patient advocate, fundraiser and political ally Roman Reed; and author Tory Williams, who persevered to raise public awareness surrounding embryonic stem cell research with the support of family, friends, and faith.

A journey for all people of this world, including the millions afflicted by a disease or paralysis and their loved ones, Inevitable Collision recounts the inspiring story of what happens when patient advocates, scientists, and researchers work together with the goal of finding a cure.

About the Author

Born and raised in the small town of Millry, Alabama, Tory Williams is a proud mother of 7 and Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Alabama Institute of Medicine (AIM). She also played an instrumental role in the formation and passing of the TJ Atchison Spinal Cord Injury Research Act, also known as "TJ's Law," which provides funding for spinal cord injury research in Alabama. Because of personal events involving family illness, Tory saw that while significant progress has been made for some clinical research in the southeast, there is a tremendous lack of funding and education for progressive regenerative medicine therapies. Tory continues to be an active advocate for further education on the benefits of embryonic stem cell research.

Afterword by Roman Reed

Roman Reed is President and CEO of the Roman Reed Foundation, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Alabama Institute of Medicine (AIM), and founder of the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act. To date, Roman has been directly responsible for raising over $100 million dollars for stem cell and neurological research in America.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 2014

ISBN: 978-1-934854-38-9



TRIM SIZE: 6 x 9


What They're Saying

An advocate, a scientist, a newly injured patient and the daughter of a southern judge---people to which there was little probability that they'd ever be in the same state are thrown together by fate and history and come together to create and challenge to pursue a cure for an ailment that for most of history not deemed possible. It takes a village. So goes the old cliché, but they are true sometimes. Tory Williams excellent re-telling of the science behind the politics around and the hope within this pursuit.
Christopher Reeve used to say that nothing of consequence happens unless somebody has an idea and shares it with another and pretty soon it becomes a movement. All the players in this book had a simple idea-- improving the human condition. You couldn't write a Hollywood script with more ups and downs and frustrations-- but the perseverance and devotion of all the players in this real life story is remarkable and worth the visit. The story here is not done, but there is much to be learned by how it got to this point and the heroic and selfless acts that Tory shares. Read this book-- it's a journey to the light and a reminder that nothing is impossible.
Peter Wilderotter
President & CEO
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation
What an honor it has been to collaborate with Tory on this amazing story.
Roman Reed
Chairman, AIM's Board of Directors
An incredible book that will bring much awareness and realism to the field.
Hans S. Keirstead, PhD
President, NeoStem Oncology
There is an overwhelming need for strong and committed advocates for patients with life-threatening diseases and conditions, and Tory and Roman have done a service to all of us by telling the moving story of their work together. It is inspiring, and it will make a difference.
Susan L. Solomon
CEO and Co-Founder, The New York Stem Cell Foundation
Tory's inspirational work is written with a unique style that fills a niche in the book field. It will surely capture the attention, imagination, and hearts of people around the world.
Paul S. Knoepfler
University of California, Davis, School of Medicine
An inspiring true-life story that will motivate many to bring change to human disease. This remarkable story by Tory Williams and Roman Reed captures the potential of stem cell technologies and our ability to change the course of humanity.
Deepak Srivastava, MD
Director, Roddenberry Stem Cell Center at Gladstone
Director, Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease
Tory Williams' opening chapter on the accident that left TJ Atchison a paraplegic dramatically recounts how a young man's life changed forever in a matter of seconds. But TJ's sad story turns into a hopeful one as his personal journey transformed Tory into a pioneer in the world of stem cell research. Inevitable Collision provides a truly promising and inspiring message for the millions of people around the world who may benefit from the ongoing revolution in regenerative medicine.
John Sterling, Editor-in-Chief
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN)

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